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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sandoa meets everyone

Mama Esperance took Sandoa for a walk around the sanctuary today to see the other bonobos. Sandoa probably hasn't seen any adult bonobos since her mother was killed and the mamas like to take their babies around the sanctuary just so they can see how happy the other bonobos are and what life is like after the nursery.

Now that Sandoa is in good health it's important to look after her emotional state. i know it sounds corny, but i've seen bonobos just give up and die. they are like people in that if they can't think of anything to live for, they get so sad they can will themselves to death, even if they're in perfect health.

So the bonobo tour is to show Sandoa how the other bonobos live, and for them to recognise her. Today she saw Tchilombe with her new baby, Moyi, who is almost a year old, and then clever Likasi was cracking some nuts. Likasi went crazy when she saw Sandoa, she was calling and yelling, presenting for some g-g rubbing.... Likasi loves little females like Sandoa and she can't wait until Sandoa is big enough to come and play with her!