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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I feel like there has been a lot of sadness on the blog lately and I need a bit of a pick up. I want all of you to meet Nicholas.

He emailed me a little while ago….

Dear Friends of bonobos,

My name is Nicholas Sablan,I'm 9
years old,I live in San Bernardino CA.,and I would like help finding chimps and
other primates to put in the sanctuary that I'll be raising money for in the
next few months. First,I envy you for saving such amazing creatures. I really
want to make a primate sanctuary with my family to study. The apes I would like
are at least 2 (Chimps and orangutans) to put in the sanctuary. I would be
grateful if you were to help me find some of the apes that I would like to put
in my sanctuary. I'm definitely
not sure about having gorillas in the
sanctuary because #1.They'll be major hard to find. And #2.Gorillas are very
hard to contain because I' ve observed them very well in zoos. The reason
that I'm asking you about this is because I want to hear advice from an
actual sanctuary. The orangutan just seems much easier to contain in sanctuaries
than gorillas to me. I really hope that you'll be able to help me find some
apes that actually need my help.



So I wrote back to Nicholas and explained that apes are very hard to take care of and that there are already sanctuaries out there that he could help. I also put him in touch with James the Bonobo fan, and said maybe james could give him some ideas. and then i got this email back.

Dear Vanessa,

I’m sorry that this is so late but I had school, acting class, and cubscouts! When I grow up I’m gonna work at Friends of Bonobos before I start my own sanctuary. I emailed James and he replied so that totally rocked. It’s going to be my birthday on 4/12/09. I’ll be a double digit until 100. Anyway, I can’t wait to work at a sanctuary for my fave great ape. Do you adopt and care for babies until they are sent to the wild? I wish that Kasongo could meet me. If I went to Africa that would be the first thing on my list. This may seem kind of annoying but I’d like to make a bonobo sanctuary supporting yours. You’ll always have the title as first bonobo sanctuary in the whole wide world. If I had a baby bonobo for a day it would be the best day of my life. Many animals are illegally owned & that should be stopped. Soon it will be like the northern white rhinocerous. Less than twelve in the world. Sadly all of the females are too old to give birth. Reply back.


Isn’t that the cutest? Nicholas, I’ve had a really tough week and your email made me laugh for a whole five minutes and I wish more kids and more grown ups were like you.

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