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Monday, June 15, 2009

bonobo release - kubulu

kubulu is the one of mudbath fame a few days ago. Well now he can go into the forest and take as many mudbaths as he likes. my first memory of kubulu is that every morning without fail he would run away from the nursery, run to our table as we were eating breakfast, plunge his hand into the sugar jar and step on all the plates then run off.

it was cute the first time, but when he did it EVERY morning for 6 weeks, it was like, 'seriously? kubulu, you did this yesterday. and the day before that. aren't you like, sugar rushed out?' but no. and he kept doign it until he was in grou p3.

he was very close to claudine. apart from the mamas, she was the only one who never got her hair pulled. i got my hair pulled lots. plus kicked in the head. in a friendly kungfu way...