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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In all the release excitement, I forgot to say, our friends at have made a new pair of men's swimmers (that's what we call them in Australia - do Americans call them trunks or bathers or what?). they were designed specially for Lomela well actually for all the bonobos at Lola but I bet Lomela would like them most - they are the 'Nanners, after Lomela's favorite food! I bet she is sad they are for boys. But maybe Max could wear them and Lomela could stare at them all day

Check it out!

It's part of their Save Sex Save Bonobos campaign (go to their homepage and you'll see Sake clinging to Brian's pants on the bottom right).

Anyway, $5 from every pair of 'Nanners goes to the bonobos! I bought one for Brian and he LOVES them. Go buy, people...