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Friday, December 18, 2009

update from suzy

Hello everyone!

It's my great pleasure to confirm that there are now six bonobos at the release site at Basankusu. Now that the pesky Max isn't displaying his dominance every five minutes (well he probably is, but back at Lola) we can follow the bonobs in the forest and conduct scientific observations.

The organisation of the group hasn't changed except Beni has gone up a bit since Mas has gone.

We maintain at least 3 ft distance from the bonobos, and take care not to disturb them. We also thought of changing their diet by reducing sugar cane more fruit, so they don't eat too much - without of course leaving them hungry, especially Etumbe with her new baby and Lukaya with a baby on the way! those ladies love to eat!

The local population of Baskankusu loves to come and see the bonobos. We'd like the bonobos to keep appearing on the beach ot take the opportunity to teach the people about bonobos and dispel some myths - like the one where the bonobos poop diamonds!

The most important thing is that the bonobos are not stressed. they take our presence calmly and they trust us.Link
They are also all in good health, which is a blessing!

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