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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pool party!

I had a chat to someone from Tigress productions who is making a docco called Ape School, about orphaned apes and how they learn to be themselves when they graduate to an adult social group.

What came to mind about the bonobos is the paddling pool! There are two big lakes in the sanctuary and the bonobos are constantly splashing in them when it's hot. Most apes are afraid of water because the weight of their hair would sink them if they actually tried to swim, but not bonobos. I've seen bonobos go in up to their necks - as long as they can still stand. I wonder if they are born with this love of splashing around or whether they learn it in the nursery.

Anyway, here are a few snaps from the last pool party I attended. It was really hot. First Kataco was drinking out of the pool, then everyone came over and started splashing each other. they were like a bunch of kids in a sprinkler.