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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My blog has lost its balls

The following post is from Anon...

Vanessa I was wondering why the blog is so sparse of entries and info this year compared to last years.There just isn't any (for lack of a better word)balls to your blog this year.---What gives?
Could you maybe get some of the students to submit some entries about the daily goings-on?
It is a shame to think that this once fantastic blog may have "jumped the tank"
Before any of my fellow faithful readers jump down my throat--re-read the old post and THAN make a judgement.There is no comparison.
I love this blog Vanessa and don't want to see it die a lingering death.--What is going on?

It's true Anon, my blog has lost its balls. I had so much fun last year writing about Mwanda's clitorus in my face, Tembo's ball biting antics, but the blog had to change for one reason - I couldn't just be a bystander any more. I had to do something.

I'm currently running 3 blogs, this one and 2 others:

The other 2 directly raise money for the bonobos. I can't write 3 different blogs so the content is the same across all 3, and I write about what I think will raise money for the bonobos and represent the organisation. Much more boring, but our donors would much rather hear about the cute antics of their adopted bonobos, than how much drool Tory has collected for her testosterone samples.

I'm on the board of Friends of Bonobos, and I spend about 20 hours a week writing grants, updating the website, and doing other Board membery stuff. I'm also writing a book that just got bought by Penguin about all the quirky bonobo stuff you love, and 10% of the profits will go to the bonobo sanctuary.

Between that, my other book that's due in a week, my actual job at Duke, and trying to find a couch to match my walls, I don't have the 2 hours a day it took to write Bonobo Handshake last year.

Why keep it going? I thought about killing it all together, but it gets such damn good traffic. I have no idea why but it ranks high on the searches and I get thousands of people through without even trying. I know you're disappointed, Anon, and I'm sorry to let you down. But I'd rather some die hard fans of last year's irreverant fun were pissed off at the change, because several thousand people a week still stumble on this blog somehow and find out about bonobos. That's why I kept the name but changed the heading.

I wish I could have kept it going, but I gotta make those baby bonobos some money. Keep them in milk and bananas for another year.

So Anon, read all last years posts for sure but adopt a bonobo!

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