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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here are the girls munching on some dinner. A friend of mine did a comparison between chimp babies and bonobo babies. Basically the baby chimp is at the bottom of the heirarchy. they have to give way to everyone, and learn to grovel at a very early age otherwise they get beaten up.

The bonobo baby on the other hand, is king pin. Anything Bisengo wants, he gets. He can be reaching for a grape on the other side of the enclosure, and even the big males will scamper out of the way to let him get it. Otherwise, Bisengo's mother, Maya, will get her best girlfriend, Etumbe, who will rally Chelumbe and Lisala and together they will kick the big males butt.

I was a bonobo baby because i would beat anyone up to get food.
Which baby were you? Or if you have kids, are they chimps or bonobos?

Here is little Bisengo who has just stolen a piece of mango from Keza, the adult male.

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