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Friday, October 3, 2008

Good news for Sandoa

Masisi & Sandoa

The results are back from the lab - Sandoa is in perfect health! Besides the deep cut around her groin where she was tethered in captivity, she is fine. The cut still has to be treated with antibiotics to prevent infection, but that too is healing nicely.

This means Sandoa was finally allowed into the nursery! After weeks of sitting on Mama's Esperance's lap, gazing at the others playing with each other, Sandoa was brought in gently to meet the others.

The first bonobo who touched her was Masisi (what a sweetheart). She walked right up to Sandoa and gently kissed her to welcome her into the group. Mama Esperance made sure there were lots of sugar cane (Sandoa's favourite). Masisi then brought over Waka, who was a little rough so then Masisi slapped Waka as if to say 'play nice!'

Masisi (left) with Sandoa

masisi gives Sandoa little friendly hug!

Sando curled up on Mama Esperance's lap and drank a whole bottle of milk. Esperance was a little worried over the past weeks since Sandoa, like Kata, took a little while before she would drink. You can see that Sandoa is still a little thin.

Waka comes in a bit tough, but Masisi is protecting little Sandoa

This last picture is my favourite - Sandoa getting her bath in the morning!

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