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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bonobos for Christmas!

For all the anxious adopted parents out there, here's the latest. Boyoma, shock horror, has totally calmed down. He has gone from being a royal terror, to being everyone's friend. He has stopped picking his nose and beating up on smaller bonobos - he's hardly recognisable! I hope he doens't change too much - I'll miss the old Boyoma!

Lukuru is good but still small, she's eating and drinking fine, and trying not to be jealous of Sandoa and Masisi, who has adopted the new orphan, just like she adopts dogs and chickens. Lomela is the sweetheart of the nursery, but growing huger by the day - she'll be ready to graduate to group 3 soon!

But the big news is - we have new items in our shop, just in time for xmas! now you can give gifts and support your little infants over in bonobo land.

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