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Sunday, November 23, 2008

bonobos in pants?

I had a chat to the lovely Andy Dunn of Bonobos yesterday, who, get this, does pants.

Brian was given some for his birthday, and unlike the usual American fat pants, these pants actually make Brian's bum look hot. This was Tatanga's face when he saw Brian in Bonobos this summer, who we all know had a little crush on Brian already...

So seeing as these totally cool pieces of wadrobe carried the name bonobos, I emailed Andy and asked if he'd be interested in becoming a sponsor. Who immediately rang me, and said yes, absolutely and even though they are still a new company, gave us a generous donation and sponsored all three bonobos, Lomela the charming, Kata the drama queen and Boyoma the terror.

So since our store doesn't have pants, if you want some that are stylish, affordable with the coolest name possible, visit They ship in 2 days (heaps of time for xmas!) and they have a no hassles return policy. Let's help these two charming boys get their company started.

I just bought Brian (what else?) the Congos for xmas. The palm frond lining cracks me up.