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Friday, January 23, 2009

Do they think you're sexy?

Next question!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if Bonobo's would ever consider a human being to be a potential sexual partner?

There are other mammals that will mate outside of their species (humans included!). Just curious if bonobos make advances on humans they are close to.

Well this had to come up sooner or later. The truth is, I don't know. the confusing thing about bonobos is that sex for them is a tension relevieng activity. So when they get tense, or anxious, they want to do some kind of sexual activity. this isn't sex, per se, but more of a rubbing.

there is, by the way, a nerve that goes straight from your brain to your genitals, so stress in your brain can manifest itself, you know... in lower areas. Actually when i was younger and i used to play the piano, horribly, so I was making mistakes all the time and getting very frustrated, I would actually feel physical pain in my nether regions.

i think this is how it is for bonobos. they want to be rubbed or soothed, base 1, rather than a home run.

so in summary, i think the come ons i've recieved from bonboos have been more like a handshake, a sort of hello how are you, no I don't mean you any harm. I've never heard of anyone having sex with a chimp or a bonobo, and yes i do find the idea a little disgusting.

having said that, here is Tatanga, who I am a little in love with, giving me a particularly sexy smile...