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Friday, January 30, 2009


I've had some very sad news from Lola. Mimi has died in childbirth.

I'm completely shocked since I didn't even know bonobo could die in childbirth, like people. I'm not sureof the cirumstances, maybe internal bleeding? Her baby is still alive, but we're not sure how long he can survive.

For those of you who don't know Mimi, she was one of the most famous bonobos at Lola. The Congolese children love to hear about her because she lived with a family for 15 years. She could open refrigerators, flush toilets, and love having her nails painted.

When she first came to Lola, she didn't know how to be a bonobo. She didn't at all like being outside all the time, and had never even had sex - a 15 year old bonobo virgin! Everyone at Lola called Mimi 'La princesse', but really she was a queen.

She always went in first to the night building, and sat at the entrance deciding who was allowed in. Mostly it was her best friend, Semendwa, and the other girls. The little boys she made sit out in the tunnel until she went to sleep.

My favourite memory of Mimi is how she waggled her bottom and clapped when she wanted something in your hand, like banana or mango. She woudl waggle her bottom back and forth like a salsa dancer until you gave her whatever you had, like she knew you would.

Mimi was loved by everyone, Claudine has already recieved 247 condolence messages at Mimi's passing.

We love you Mimi, Lola won't be the same without you.