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Monday, January 11, 2010

thanks to the brits for the pencil thief photos (and others)

Lola had a visit from the British Embassy and ROB LEYLAND took most of the beautiful photos that will come up over the next few weeks. Thank you Rob!

And here is Luozi, terror of the nursery, now newly graduated. I know every time I talk about the nursery I mention a new terror, but Luozi is a very special case. It is hard to be mad at him because he has a weak heart - if he gets upset you can see it fluttering inside his chest!

But during my observational studies of the nursery, Luozi would without fail, steal my pencil . every single day, it was unbelievable. He lurks in the bushes, pretending he is playing with his friends and has not the slightest interest in the shiny yellow instrument I move with such concentration over my paper.

Like a curveball, he sneaks around at an angle, knowing I can’t see him as he approaches. He waits until I am distracted by the activity of the other bonobos, then, at the speed of light, he flashes past me, swipes my pencil, and runs off to hide his booty. Mama Yvonne calls his name furiously, and he drops his spoil someplace where it is impossible to retrieve, preferably in a big pile of poop. Then he scoots away, chuckling.

Makes it very hard to do my observations. So I am now happy to announce that Luozi has graduated to group 3 - with the brand new fence that Jim Holtz built!! Ha! research should be so much easier now!