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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Girl with a tumour

Just received this post from Claudine:

'I have had my heart broken by a little seven year old girl called Amazone. Her parents came to me to ask my help. I attach the photos for you to see. How can anyone remain unmoved by her suffering. I did not succeed. I paid for the passage on the only boat that left for Kinshasa, but the Commander refused to let her on board, calling her a 'freak show'. I stormed on board and asked if he was an imbecile - she has a tumour, it's not contagious.

So finally today she left for Kinshasa, where she visited 3 years ago. Her father told me they needed to give her 4 injections, but he could only afford 2. He told me the swelling went down a lot (can you imagine?) I wanted to help more, but who would help me? A doctor? An ambassador? A hope chain?

A number of people I've approached told me I had better things to do, but how awful human suffering is to watch. I am ashamed to look myself in the mirror. These poor people, who lack a few bills in their hands.'

So I know this is hopeless, and asking for a miracle, but does anyone know of a program, or an NGO, or someone who could help? Even to diagnose it. I've written to Duke Hospital, but it's difficult to diagnose something like this from a photo.

I hear sometimes of miracle cases, of children brought to the US to be treated for a horrible disease - does anyone know how this happens?