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Monday, September 29, 2008

Vanga gets carried away

Since all the terrors left the nursery, sweet little Vanga has now taken over and boy is he a mess. While I was there last time a woman walked out bleeding from her ear where Vanga bit her - a good warning for anyone who thinks these little cuties make good pets.

Getting bitten by a bonobo is no fun. Vanga is doing a dominance display, since he is now the one who has been in the nursery the longest. Lomela is the biggest and could kick his ass if she wanted but she is too sweet... Eleke is a goofball, and that just leaves the girls.

The bonobos bite each other quite hard, even when they are playing, so it's likely he doesn't mean anything by those chomping teeth, but still, the mamas are warning anyone who wants to come into the nursery that it's at their peril!

The last woman who went in got her tshirt completely ripped off by Sake and Vanga! she was very good natured about it and donated the remnants to the terrible two. Sake immediately ran to the swimming pool, wet the tshirt then poured the water over her head.

sake plays with her new toy

does a little bit of washing

Waka and Masisi look on in wonder - how can Vanga be such a brat and get away with it?

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