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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

avoid xmas crowds - donate to charities!

There's nothing that sets my teeth on edge more than xmas shopping. I hate everything about it - the lines, the crowds, and most of all, the pressure of spending too much money on gifts i know people are going to chuck to the back of their cupboards. Of course if I was like my mother and did all my xmas shopping in October, I wouldn't have a problem, but the fact is, it's the 17th and I haven't set foot in a store and I know it's just going to get worse.

I'm all in for showering kids with fairy dresses and toy trucks, but for friends, family, and inlaws, Brian and I are taking a different tack this xmas.

We're donating to charities: the moon bears (all those stories of draining bear bile makes me so sad), the Catholic Relief Service, offsetting our carbon, and of course Lola.

The average US family spends $1000 a year on xmas - although with economic downturn, this year it's more like $700. I think Christmas is about giving to those less fortunate than ourselves, which then gives us a chance to be grateful for what we have.

So if anyone wants to avoid this

by giving this

go to .