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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

news from the nursery

kata threw a corker of a tantrum yesterday, because Mama Esperance didn't give her milk before Lomela. Lolo tried to make up for it by hugging Kata with one hand and chugging her milk with the other, but Kata wasn't having any of it and screamed so loud the mamas 'thought she would die'.

Masisi is still looking after Sandoa who is getting stronger every day. she laughs and smiles a lot more but the mamas would like her to put on a little more weight.

Lukuru is turning out to be stronger than anyone thought possible - she clocked His Royal Highness Vanga one when he tried to steal her orange.

On the newborns, Kisantu's baby boy is called Nkumu, which is Bakongo for 'prince'. And he is indeed a little prince, his squinty little eyes have a royal air about them already. Grow strong Nkumu, you're our hope for the future!

It's not too late to adopt a bonobo for xmas!