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Monday, July 21, 2008


I actually went into the nursery today. I was wondering whether Kataco remembered me, after all those weeks I spent with her last year. You always wonder whether animals remember, like people do. Or whether she was too young. Or whether we all look the same to them.

Ordinarily Kata is a bit shy around people. She loves the mamas, but she’s terrified of new people she doesn’t know.

As soon as I walked in, she crept up to me, scrunching up her little face – the mamas call her ‘matoke’ which means ‘she who scrunches up her face’ – and put her face very close to mine and touched my hair.

‘She remembers you,’ said Mama Henriette.

And I felt so honoured. She climbed on my lap, gave me a little kiss, climbed down and held my hand. I love Kata. I don’t care that she throws tantrums. That little wrinkly face just makes me want to hug her to death