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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what the...

firstly, slb is a legend for sponsoring Lukuru, the bonobo. the bonobo sanctuary only had 8 adoptions last year, so slb really made a difference for this year! If you want to adopt a bonobo, the most endangered ape species in the world, go here:

You can make a one time donation or sponsor one for the whole year!

also, re: the comments last post, oh my god I wish i could see The Outsiders. I can understand why people think monkeys and apes would make good children. They look like little people. But all those people on that show, I guaruntee you they will end up like this

just because apes look like people, doesn't mean they act like people, just like tigers don't act like pussy cats.

Chimps as pets are banned in some states but not all. And yes, chimps get very big. The reason you don't see adult chimps on television is that by 10 years old, they can no longer be controlled, even with electric shocks, beatings, and everything else Hollywood trainers use to keep their chimps making money as long as possible. Then they usually end up in biomedical facilities, sanctuaries, or dead.

ok, enough about all that. So. I stare at these things every time I come to Congo. I've looked them up all over the internet and I can't find them.

Can someone please tell me, wtf? Are they, like, termite mounds? I don't think so b/c I split on open and there's nothing inside. They kind of look like ancient stromatolites in Western Australia which are among the oldest organisms on earth. But I don't think these guys are that old.

This is me on my walk.