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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The most disgusting post ever

I'm serious about this - do not read on unless you want to be seriously grossed out. I meant it, I've felt like throwing up for an hour.

So Evan's foot was looking like this

And Brian is like, 'looks like you got a little infection there', and within two seconds i said 'worms.'

Brian twists and turns the toe, and all of a sudden he twitches.

'It looks like something's moving in there. Better go see Anne Marie.'

Anne Marie is the assistant vet. So I wave good bye, and 10 minutes later Brian comes running up the hill.

'That was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life.'

Cut the story short, Evan had egg sacs in his foot. Like from a worm. It was so disgusting.

He brought it back up to show us, and I nearly puked. Not just becuase of the worms but because she had to cut through half of his foot to get it. This is his foot and next to it are the egg sacs.

But that's not it. So then i start looking at my toes, and there's a slight discolouration under the nail of my second biggest toe. So I get out a safety pin, and the nail clippers and just shear away a little bit of skin. and the skin is really tough there so I didn't really see anything, then I'm like, oh it's nothing, but i'm a little bit suspicious because i've been banging my toe on the concrete and it doesn't hurt. Like at all.

So I just push one more time.... and a ball of pus just erupts from my toe. And I'm like ewwwwwwwwww gross, go into the bathroom, get a cue tip and wipe of the pus. then I look at it closely and i'm like, that is not pus - it's EGGS!!! They looked like little caviar. It was so disgusting.

So I dry retch a little then hobble back down to have them look at my foot.

Yes, they say, they are eggs. So then they have to cut open my foot, dig right under the toenail which is like some weird Japanese torture

'Don't cry like a baby,' Anne Marie says. 'Or we'll cut it off.'

And it hurts so much, but then, Brian is watching and he says the egg sac pops out like the grossest, biggest pimple he has ever seen.

Anne Marie holds it up triumphantly.

So that's why I feel sick. It was so gross. It was seriously revolting. I almost cried.

This was my face afterwards