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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saké Mayele

Saké is definantly a straight-A student in the nursery. Thats why the Mamas at Lola ya Bonobo call her 'Mayele', which means 'the intelligent one'.

She certaintly lives up to her reputation: she is the fastest when it comes to solving Tori's tests; what would take her class mates a lot of brain power is a piece of cake to her.

At the moment her favourite game is to undo buttons. And once she's finished opening up your pockets she'll gently grab your hands and place them on top the button so that you can button up and she can start all over again.

Not only is Saké smart, she is also very affectionate. If she can find some water she'll splash it all over you and start scrubbing your arms in the same way she gets scrubbed by the Mamas in the morning.

And the best thing of all is that her favourite place to sit is right on top of your head!

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