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Monday, March 2, 2009

Help for the release!

So we have a new mission , raising money for the release! If some of you don't know, Lola is planning the world's first bonobo release project. Every great ape except for bonobos has been released into the wild. It's crucial we have a method that works now while there are still some bonobos left and not wait until we have the last 60 bonobos at lola until we try and release them.

Claudine has asked me to send out a shout for help - we desperately need funds to make this happen - anything would be great!

Everything is ready. The bonobos have been through extensive health checks, Claudine has just been again to the site to see the local people - she finalised a contract with them and they've agreed to be bonobo guardians.

Please help us with this important project!

Sheryl is helping with a donation widget but in the meantime, just go to and make a donation of any amount!! i'll let you know how we're going and give you updates on progress once i get there!

look at this amazing forest! Imagine when the bonobos see it for the first time!!!!

help Claudine help the bonobos!