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Monday, March 23, 2009

Semendwa's Baby

it's a boy! semendwa has had another baby - Leki, which means 'the first little brother' because no other babies have a little brother except leki's sister, elikia. isn't he darling? i couldn't get a very good face shot, but i assure you his little wrinkly face is just too too cute!

it's important for the bonobos at lola to have babies, because we are hoping that mothers with infants will provide the focal groups for the bonobos who are being released. in the wild, the group centres around mother and infant pairs, so we hope this will encourage the group to stick together. Also, if the bonobos are going to be wild, they need to know how to raise babies, and now semendwa has had excellent practise!!

we've just got in all our donations from wildlife direct, so we'll be thanking everyone shortly and giving you an update on our progress for fundrasing for the release.

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