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Friday, March 6, 2009

We now have 365 acres!

James from Florida sponsored Kata for his friend Gina, our friend Vera from England donated $50, Sean from Canada donated $15, and J right up the road from me in North Carolina donated $30!

So we now have 365 acres for the release site - yay! only 19,635 to go! And I still havent been able to get in to my WildlifeDirect account, although Sheryl is working on it!! So there might even be more I don't know about!

So sign up if you haven't already, the bonobo release is a historic moment in bonobo conservation - the first time ever a release like this has happened. Tell you friends and family, buy them a little piece of forest for their birthday or ask them (like i do) to give you a little piece of Congo for yours!

Every little bit helps! go to www.friendsofbonbos.og/support.htm to get your original certificate!

Leaving for Congo in 1 hour - wish me luck peeps!!!