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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lola In Trouble

i have some sad news. kindu was found dead in the forest. this flu epidemic is absolutely horrible. claudine thinks it was the terrible virus that ran through kinshasa. there is no fever. antibiotics don't do anything. the bonobos have severe respiratory infections and then they can't breath for 3 days then they die. it's 6 bonobos in a month now, including mimi and her baby.

i know we're doing a release drive but at the moment we desperately need funds for lola. because of the financial crisis, we have a shortfall this year for the sanctuary. anything you can spare would help so much.

the flu virus has hit group 2 and there are 10 bonobos sick. i can't take anyone else dying!!! i miss mimi so much. then mixa, mimi's baby, kisantu's baby, lodja. i haven't had time to process any of it. claudine told me this morning about the shortfall in the budget and i couldn't believe it. please send anything you can.

i just hope it doesn't spread to the nursery or group 3. if lomela or kata or lukuru or any one of the babies gets sick i think i'll go crazy!