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Thursday, October 18, 2007

happy birthday mummy

This is John Moboto putting his life jacket on backwards. they were complicated. I think mine was on backwards too.

Today I called my mum for her birthday in Australia. I was a bad daughter and totally forgot on the day. She said 'hi sweetie, where are you?' and I said ' uh, I'm in a small fishing village in Congo waiting for my boat.'

Technology is crazy.

Today we went up the Colou river. The water was like glass.

There is a beautiful island that Tchimpounga might release some chimps onto. They need somewhere to release them because they have 140 chimps that start out like this:

then they grow into this, 75kg balls of muscle as tall as me and 7,000 times stronger.

I got scratched by this weird plant that left a mark like this. It's all blistered like a burn and it stings like crazy. I didn't see what the plant was. I've sprayed some antiseptic on it. I hope my leg doesn't fall off. Has anyone else ever had something like this? Will my leg fall off?