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Monday, October 22, 2007

My friend Nelly

copyright Fernando Turno

This is my friend Nelly. She looks after the nursery group in the forest, which is shocking if you've ever seen 16 chimpanzees under 5 running haywire. Think kindergarten on crack, speed and steriods. She catches me up on all the gossip and I nag her to make this electrician she's been going out with for 3 years marry her. I would start to rant about how men seem to suck up the best, most reproductive years of a woman's life then dump her just as her ovaries start to decline at 35 just because technically he can reproduce till 70, but I won't. It's not that kind of blog. Anyway, Nelly is really cool. Her dad was a gorilla ranger before he got shot in the Brazzaville war and now Nelly works with chimps. I think her dad would be super proud of her.