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Monday, October 1, 2007

Vampire day

Today Lomela and Kata had their health checks. A special doctor came to take their blood so it could be analysed back at the lab. The results should be back in a few days and if everything checks out clear then they should be able to go into the nursery.

Lomela was really brave. She screamed once and then didn’t even whimper.

We don’t know what Kata was like because Brian, who took the pictures, faints like a southern belle at anything involving blood or needles and had to leave.

I was in the nursery looking at baby sex again. The pattern seems to be play until the food arrives, have sex 10 times in 10 minutes, then play for the rest of my observations.

Mostly they ignore me, but once every morning, Luozi tries to steal my bright yellow pencil so he can eat the eraser off the top. He got it twice. Now I clutch my pencil like a fistful of money. Today when he tried to steal it and failed, he got really mad and slapped my face. And people think these guys are cute.

Boyoma usually comes over during the initial 10 minute habituation to suck on my arm.