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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Last night, Brian woke me up by shining his flashlight in my face. I was ready to kill him because I am jetlagged and it takes hours to get back to sleep. He pushed me so I rolled over and then when I knew I was woken up, I sat up and prepared to kill him, but then I saw Brian pulling a scorpion off the netting that was right next to my head.

I have a thing about scorpions. I hate their little square heads and I think it's wretched that they eat their children when they get hungry. I hope I am not that way with my kids when they wake me up, but it's too early to tell because I don't have any yet.

Anyway, my friends Meride was stung by a scorpion and she nearly died. So obviously I was very freaked out by the scorpion sitting by my face.

Take no notice of the fact that it's about as big as a dust speck. i think the smaller they are, the more poisonous. I totally nearly died.