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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Queer eye for the straight dog

thanks to all for your sweet, encouraging comments about the congolese compliments. i carried them with me this morning as deanne looked me up and down critically and said, 'well your tits have gotten smaller but your ass is definately bigger'.

thanks also for being patient till we get to bonobo land - 8 days left, and still just kicking it on the other side of the congo river. as to what i do all day, well some people get all goey over other people's babies when they are about to have a baby.

I am like that with people's dogs because when we get back to America, Brian says I can get a puppy.

This is Tango.

I don't know if you can tell but He is the manky African dog of our friends Rebeca and Fernando. Whe I saw him, with all his natural dreadlocks and smelling like he'd rolled in dead fish then jumped into a sewer, I practically clapped my hands and squealed 'project!'

I gave him a bath today.

Then I tortured him for four hours, cutting off his dreadlocks and combing out the thousands of burrs in his fur that were causing the dreadlocks.

Now he looks like this

So purrrrty.

Save the bonobos!