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Monday, June 16, 2008

Going to Congo - and adopt a bonobo!

I can't believe it's that time of year again. It feels like just yesterday I was so sad to be ending the blog and now it's time to go.

We're leaving on Wednesday and of course I haven't packed a thing. Or done anything I'm supposed to do. We've just bought a house in Chapel Hill so all I want to do is reupholster some chairs and design a Japanese garden but instead I have to go and deal with all those Congo bugs. I almost want to call off the trip but then how am I going to resist this?

This is Pole, Opala's baby, and just like every other baby he is going to have grown so much!

So of course I'm excited to see everyone again. No doubt Boyoma is going to bite me, the little punk, but it will be worth it if I get to give Yolo hugs.

On to more executive matters, we just had the Friends of Bonobos board meeting in Washington D.C on the weekend, and our President told us we only had 8 adoptions last year! Partly it's because the payment option on the website was a pain in the ass, but now it's been revamped.

So adopt a bonobo! Look how cute they are!

That's Lomela and Kata from last year, our little survivors. They'll look so different this year. Apparently Kata has a terrible temper and is a total drama queen.

See you in Congo!