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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Penis theft

Just arrived and already it's got interesting. I don't know if you heard about the penis theft panic that was hitting DRC Congo last month

So apparently it's come across the river to Congo Brazzaville. This is Chantal, my source:

yes that is a giant bug she's holding. So she tells me she heard from one of her friends who has a friend whose penis has disappeared. The witches arrived in Brazzaville from Nigeria, and that they bump into men in the market, and their penis vanishes. Not falls off, just vanishes leaving an area as smooth as your arm. There is no blood or scarring. There have been 3 cases of this penis theft in Pointe Noire. The men here at the chimp sanctuary are terrified and no one is going into town.

Of course this all sounds like total nonsense, except for the absolute conviction of everyone here where magic is a part of life. And is the penis theft stranger than the concept of cancer? Where your cells start mysteriously destroying each other? Or anyone of a hundred weird diseases that baffle doctors and specialists and no one knows how to cure?

And the other question is, if you're Evan (the graduate student) or Brian (my husband) do you risk going into town?