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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

feeling fat

I don't know why, but the Congolese feel compelled to tell you 50 times a day you look fat. Especially if they haven't seen you for a while.

'Oh Vanessa,' Christelle says 'You have become so large.'

'You are completely fat now,' says Godeline. 'Your ass is so big.'

I guess big is beautiful over here, and the Congolese women have definately got bootylicious going on. It's like they could perch a parrot on their behinds. But for me, I have already got a fat complex since I turned 30 because I don't burn calories just breathing like I did at 22. And then I moved to the South (North Carolina) where everything that doesn't move is deep fried.

So I walk for an hour a day.

'Where are you going?' says Clotaire. 'I'll give you a lift.'

'No thanks, I'm walking.'

'Eh? But I'm free to drive you.'

Everyone thinks it's hilarious that I would walk around for exercise. As in, not to go somewhere but effectively do a big circle.

'I need to lose some weight,' I say by way of explaination which is still completely incomprehensible. But every morning when I see everyone, it's still

'Vanessa! You are fat!'

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