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Monday, April 6, 2009

Flu is over

Hi everyone,

the blog has been behind a few days because of the internet connection. we had internet for a few days, then it cut out for a few days, then it came back on. So I was sending a batch to Sheryl in the US and she would post them over several days, then I'd send another batch etc. so i'm not sure how far behind the blog is but i think it's by 5 days or something. on all the following posts, i'll put how many days ago they happened, so you can follow the story.

But while the internet is up and working, I have to announce that the flu is over. Semendwa's baby died, making it 7 bonobos that we've lost in the last month, 4 definately from the flu, maybe 5.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who donated. we raised over $8,000 which will all go to bonobo food and medicine. We still have a $25,000 shortfall for bonobo food which we will try to make by the end of the year. I'll make sure Sheryl thanks everyone individually, but they might come up on later posts. We haven't forgotten you.

Everyone here is absolutely exhausted. but the staff have just worked so hard to save everyone, and they were saving bonobos left and right.

there will be more posts, some from the vet to talk about the exact nature of the illness, soem in response to people who think it's some kind of ebola, it's not, it's a 24 hour bug that is harmless in humans, but apparently sometimes fatal to bonobos. and all the bonobos who will be released are in QUARANTINE and have been for six months so none of them was touched.

so follow the story, and be thankful that after lodja, the nursery is ok.

much love and thanks to everyone,