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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please Help!

I know everyone's been waiting for news and i wish i had better news. i have never seen anything like this epidemic. it's like some kind of plague. you go down to the night building and there are 10 bonobos face down, arms spread eagle, and they can't breathe. they just breath in and out, in and out, like they're suffocating. it starts with a mucous-filled nose, but the bonobos always seem to have snotty noses, so it's a walking heart attack.

Kikongo was really sick, but he seems a bit better now. this should make everyone who has been here feel better, because Kikongo is such a character. he's one of the funniest bonobos at Lola, he likes doing armless cartwheels and running around in circles until he gets dizzy and falls over. if he dies it is just going to break my heart.

The nursery is somehow OK, but they have had it pass through two times now, and Luozi is sick, which means he could give it to everyone. i don't know how the nursery is going to stand a third round.

I spoke to Claudine today about the budget deficit. the problem is one of the foundations who has paid for the bonobo food for years has completely slashed our funding. which means this year we are $33,000 down.

I have never really asked urgently for donations. i like doing 'sponsor a bonobo for valentines day' and stuff like that, but this time Lola is really in trouble. please spread the word, and help if you can.

Kikongo when he is feeling better - please don't die!!!