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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank you!!

Let me just say before I start that during this whole ordeal, the response of people has been extraordinary. It was a really tough time, but just seeing all the donations and good wishes people were sending was very touching to all of us.

If you’ve just stepped into the blog, we’ve had a terrible flu here at Lola, that started almost as soon as I arrived and then at the same time I found out about a $33,000 deficit in funds for bonobo food which we are trying desperately to raise now.

Since March 27, when I started posting, we’ve raised $10,800! We’ve been overwhelmed with the response and I promise I’ll send you all certificates when the internet in Congo is good.

Firstly I want to thank Sara Gruen, the award winning author of water for elephants. She put in a big donation, and I want everyone to buy her new book Ape House when it comes out b/c it’s on bonbos. Also Sara’s son Benjamin requested that the birthday money for his 15th birthday go to the bonobos too.

Thank you to Edward C who donated $1000, Lesley D who donated $500, Shutter speed travel who donated $500, and Born Free who donated $500. We know these are tough financial times for everyone so thank you for your support.

Thank you to Jason Comeaux who donated $400, Carine Le Thanh who donated $300, Emily Homonoff and Avril Hirts who paid full adoptions for Lomela and Boyoma.

The Linthicum Family, Ian and Stacey Donnelly, Noel R, and Bruce Wilburn all donated $200, Maciej G, Kathleen O, SB Smaill, Chris Johnson and Andrea Duncan donated $150.

Thank you to Brigitta S, Brenton H, Kathy S, Sherri S, Antonio C, Mary H, Shelly Schreibman, Yukishige Kawasaki, David Wood, and Jean Opsomer for donating $100, and thank you to my sister Bronnie, who donated $100 and adopted Boyoma even though she only did it because she was drunk!

Our friends Baerbel W and Corinna M donated $70, and the following people donated up to $50. Your contributions were so much appreciated b/c together, you really made a difference:

Carole Riley
Carol Wright
Lori Laxer
Laura Boosinger
Ben Hunt
William Linthicum
Sandeep Prasanna
Molka Ghezaiel
Sharon Hilchie
arnaud boullé
Dennis Hansen
Kathy Rogers
Julia Casey
Joanna Ross
sheila lamare
Chris Johnson
Abigail Stuart-Menteth
Madeleine Lapointe-Millar
Jennifer Hawse
Pet Pal Toys
Rebecca Macintyre
Daryl Miller-Salomons
Courtney McIntyre
Helen Bourne Schmid
Angela Roberts
Avery Erwin-McGuire
edgar allen
Joshua Frank
Natacha Santos
Angelita Fair
Andrew Francis
Sharen Butrum
Vera Green
Lynn Markert
Lisa Schmeiser
Michael Clarkson
William Metz
Joseph Talmadge
Ruth Baker
Peter Langan
Jacqueline Lott
Linda Riebel
Anna C
Victoria H
Stefan M
Keith C
Dana A
Wanda H
Caryn N
Kit C
Neil B
Tonia W
Sherri S
Kevin C
Yvonne N
Michael D
Ji-in L
Theresa S1
Faye B
Sonja S
Anna M
Paul C
Alan C
Kathelinjne K
Andrea C