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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

post flu

hey everyone, still emotionally in recovery. while the internet is good will give you an update. Semendwa's baby died on friday. everyone else was clear by saturday, sunday internet broken, so just had a chance to announce flu was over on monday.

semendwa's baby was really sad. i remember seeing him the morning after he was born. he was such a wrinkly little thin and i was so happy to see him because mimi had just died. i guess he was just too weak, being only a couple of weeks old. the worst thing was semendwa wouldn't let him go for 2 days. she just kept stroking his head and grooming him. it makes me cry jsut thinking about it.

have been prowling the sanctuary, looking obsessively for runny noses and coughs, but there is nothing.

We raised over $8,000 for the food crisis, as you know, one of our donors pulled out this year leaving a $33,000 deficit. Just so everybody knows, none of your babies are going to starve, but we need to make up the money this year so there's no shortfall.

will post the report from our vet, so you can have more info.

and here is a pic of semendwa's baby. wasn't he beautiful?

xx. vanessa