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Friday, April 24, 2009

kinshasa does a runner

ok, so this was kinshasa's face today in the vet block...

the vet Anne Marie was like, she's driving us crazy. she's been bouncing off the walls. so i was like, 'ok, i'll take her outside for a bit'. so i take her outside, and she hangs on for about, oh, a second and then she runs! she ust starts runnign round and round the sanctuary and i can't get her back. here i am chasing her

so then i try everything; bananas, chocolate, apples, vitamins, pineapple - EVERYTHING. nope. then, weirdly, s a last resort, i try bread - and it works! got the little sucker back. from then on, i take her for walks but i make sure i always have her feet!!

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