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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amazone & new baby

Just to keep you all informed, Amazone is on her way to Kinshasa. Facing the World has asked for her to have a scan and biopsy to see if they can help her. I called the Executive Coordinator - Sarah Driver -Jowitt because I was so anxious and excited.... and woke her up at midnight.

Mental note to all those making pleading phone calls from across the Atlantic - CHECK THE TIME ZONES! Hopefully she won't hate me when I call her tommorrow...

On a happy note, Kisantu gave birth! She was so pregnant when we were at Lola last month I thought she was going to pop. I was hoping and watching her every day to see if the baby would come but she held out for a whole other month!

Anyway, here she is, about to pop, and then of course her sweet new baby!

They are both healthy, and the birth went well. It's a little boy!