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Friday, September 5, 2008

facing the world

Hi everyone,

after emailing everyone you suggested, an organisation called facing the world came back with this response:

Dear Ms Woods,

Thank you for passing on the details of this very deserving case.

In order to help with a diagnosis (needed to see if she can come to the UK
under our programme) we will need to have some history:

When was the tumor first noticed.
What has been the progress (describe as well as possible)
Is it painful
What does it feel like - is it soft and squigy, is it hard, is it lumpy?

We will almost definitely need a scan and a biopsy. (But I have sent her
photos to the surgeons)

Facing the World will be able to pay for these but we will need to
investigate the medical facilities locally.

Kind regards,

Sarah Driver-Jowitt
Executive Co-ordinator: Facing the World

I've emailed Claudine with these questions and hopefully she gets back to me soon. will let you know what happens!! thank you so much everyone for your help!!