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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lukuru and her water bottle

Just got sent some photos by Alix Ortega who was recently at Lola. Lukuru is snuggled up with her water bottle - she is so cute!

i remember seeing her this way when at Lola, when the babies were deep in sleep they hugged their water bottles just as they would hug thier mother's stomachs. i wondered if they forgot where they were for a while, and were dreaming that they were back in the forest, sleeping on their mum's tummy.

it made me really sad. but then i am just grateful they made it to Lola and didn't end up dead from shock or eaten. they grow up happy. i'm glad they have a human like resiliance.

This is Masisi. she started off so sweet and quiet but now she is apparently a little wild thing - swinging all over her night cage and freaking out Lukuru!