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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mama Henriette, the masked bandit

Lukuru, Lomela, and Eleke

Odile Procksch sent these photos - Mama Henriette put on a traditional Congolese mask from a tribe int he north and you can see how freaked out everyone was!! As a scientist, I wonder what they think she was doing. did they recognise her? were they scared the way children would be scared? or were they scared but at the same time titillated?

Anyway, all you anxious adopted parents out there, you can see your babies are doing well. I'll even do some kindergarten portraits for you so you can see how your kids have grown!

Lukuru & Eleke

(left to right) Vanga, Waka, Kataco (on Mama Henriette's lap), Lukuru, Lomela, reaching out her hand, and Eleke crawling roung the back

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