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Thursday, September 11, 2008

spoke to facing the world

I spoke to Sarah at Facing the World this morning. They are really wonderful. Anyway this is the update:

Amazone arrived in Kinshasa yesterday morning. Claudine picked her up from the port where she arrived off the boat. Claudine said Amazone's tumour has doubled in the 11 days since she last saw her.

She has an appointment at the Kinshasa hospital tommorrow morning at 8am. They are taking a tissue biopsy and then doing a CT scan.

If it looks like she has a good chance to live, Facing the World will take her on, fly her to the UK, fix her tumour and generally give her the miracle we've been hoping for. But if it looks like she'll die, then its no use really yanking her from home and putting her through a painful operation.

so we'll see tommorrow.

keep you all in the loop.