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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kata and her BFFs

I don’t know how, but Kata has always got this crinkly expression on her face. The mamas call her La Vielle, ‘the old woman’ because she just has this way of scrunching up her face like she can’t see properly.

I still love her, even though she pulls my hair and jumps up and down on my lap, not registering that she is not the little chiuahua sized skeleton she was last year but a rather large and heavy four year old.

Her BFF in the nursery is usually Eleke, but Tory took Eleke away for testing, and so today she is substituting Vanga, Le petit Chef, or ‘the little chief’, and yes in reply to one of your comments, he does bite humans as much as he bites other bonobos so I suppose it is very democratic of him.

He even groomed her hair with a decoration which happened to be a piece of toilet paper. Imagine.

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