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Friday, July 11, 2008

Wakka the zipper monster

This post is by Kate, an itty bitty 17 year old here who was in Congo at Lola all by herself. She sure loves playing with the babies...

This is Waka; she might be tiny but she sure is smart! She's about 3 years old and allready doing excellently in the games Tory has asked her to play. Besides this she has funny whiskers sprouting out around her little red lips.

Waka is very a very curious little monster, she wants to know what is in every pocket or bag you might be carrying. She is very determined about this, so she can spend ages prodding at a button or figuring out a complicated zipper, but all her hard work pays of in the end which usually means you lose your keys, but Waka does not mean any harm by doing this. Actually she's really sweet! She will often take you by your hand and lead you between the trees, as if she is giving you a grand tour of her home