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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bonking baby bonobo study

My pilot day of baby bonobo sex went great.

I guess I should make it a little legit so you don’t think I’m a pervert. These are my questions and relevant hypothesis.

Question 1

  1. Bonobo socio sexual behaviour is only learned through interacting with adults
  2. Bonobo socio sexual behaviour is present from early in life and emerges as they learn to use genital contact to soothe their anxiety.

Question 2
Bonobos are hypersexual to chimpanzees even during infancy.
Bonobos and chimpanzees do not differ in their socio sexual behaviour until after infancy.

Now that I’ve sounded scientific – this is the coding sheet I’ve come up with to code the various sexual behaviour based on what I saw today:

I’ve called the positions:

  1. missionary
  2. doggy
  3. sitting sex
  4. upright dog
  5. almost 69

Of course in the actual paper these will be called ventro-ventro intercourse and ventro-posterior intercourse, but I have to have names I’ll remember to start with.

So far, Vanga is the horny one and had sex with everyone at least once.

The new baby is too cute for words.

She has cuts on her thighs where her restraining rope cut into her and a bald patch on her arms where the other cord was tightened. She’s not drinking any milk. She acts like she doesn’t know what it is. She looks in good health but she’s really thin under all that hair. I hope she makes it.