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Thursday, September 27, 2007

train back on the rails

Ok, everything's back on track. The babies had sex 10 times in 6 different positions within 10 minutes of feeding time. Looks like I've got a study after all. When I stop coding in a few weeks I'll go in and take some pics.

Tory is on fire at the moment. Her drool collection is growing ever larger, and she has now started her reversal learning where bonobos have to guess what food the cup is under and quite frankly i have no idea what her study means or what it's for. But today she did a little dance around the house, so I guess it is going well. Here she is, triumphant with Suzie, her very bright Congolese assistant.

Brian is doing what Professors do best, and that is sit around the house in the air conditioning frantically writing papers.