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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bonobos drool for Tory

Today the Korean film crew left. I was just getting used to them filming every single move we made. Seriously, every time I bent over or ate an apple, there they were, filming. So far they have over 1,700 hours of tape to make a 2 hour program. They are the nicest film people we have worked with. Film people tend to be pushy and demanding. I know because I used to be one of them. Sung Jun and Shin are really quiet and polite.

But then yesterday Shin told us about filming a Hollywood lion and as he was filming the lion was swatting his testicles with his long clawed paw. Shin kept filming. That’s what I like about the Koreans. Understated shutzpah.

Tory just started her drool test. It involves collecting saliva to analyse the hormones. She wants to see how the hormones of chimps vs bonobos change while their feeding. The prediction is that chimps will become more stressed when they’re feeding and that bonobos won’t be.

Today, Mwanda chased a chicken

Then hung out with Lomela.

Kasonga went swimming.