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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This one is for our mums

Hi mummies.

We are here safely. As a matter of fact, Kinshasa airport is a piece of cake these days. It's not like last year when we came during the elections and the whole airplane was empty. Or like the year before when we had to steal our bags from the customs people and run like hell.

Of course it always helps to have Jean Marie Baston, our protocol man, take us through because he is the size of a doorway and used to be a boxer so no one messes with him. He is usually the one who has to steal our bags. We have hired him three years in a row and he can never remember us because he thinks all white people look the same.

Anyway we are going to the sanctuary tommorrow. Can't wait to the see the bonobos. I can't send you photos of the airport because we landed at night and taking photos of the airport is illegal.

Kinshasa at 7pm looks like this

Hopefully tommorrow I can be more enlightening.